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When you think of fashion, do you ever wonder what the future holds? Well, people were curious back then too, because in 1939 many fashion designers were asked to predict what people would be wearing in the future – their predictions aren’t as wild as one may think.

Via: YouTube and Via: Unsplash

The netting that one designer mentioned “to catch a mate” isn’t that far off from current netted sleeves or sheer linings on girls’ blouses and shirts. It shows off just enough skin without being too revealing.

Via: YouTube and Via: Unsplash

One designer’s concept came to complete fruition. In the video, the narrator stated that women would not wear skirts or dresses and embrace pants just like their male counterparts. The “belt that will adapt the body to climatic changes” is like the sweat-resistant or heating fabrics in activewear today.

Via: YouTube and Via: Unsplash

The prediction for men was creepily accurate! “There may not be any shaving, ties, or pockets” does mirror the current minimalist casual trend for male fashion, what’s even more shocking was their forecast for men to be well…hairier. This chic lumberjack beard trend was predicted decades before its time, as seen with the man in the video with the artfully man-scaped beard. It’s surprising to see how accurate they were about technology. In the video, they mentioned that men’s clothes would be fitted with a telephone and a radio, which echoes the portable smart technology of today.

If you want to watch the whole video you can below!

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