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Why People Used To Put Frogs In Milk (And Other Weird Food Facts)

Have you ever tried an old recipe from your grandma’s collection and scratched your head at some of the instructions, or maybe even balked at the ingredients? Sure, we all prepare and enjoy food differently, but some things are almost beyond belief! Here’s a list of some of the strangest food practices throughout history. Are you brave enough to try any of them?

Live Frogs In Milk

Before the days of refrigerators, Finns and Russians used to put live frogs in their milk to keep it fresh. There’s actually some science to back this up. Apparently, some frogs have peptides on their skin, which helps to kill bacteria. Let’s just say that we’re happy to keep our fridge. However, it’s nice to know there are options.


Via Wikimedia Commons

Via Wikimedia Commons

Ambergris is just about the most unappetizing thing we can think of… it’s a big ball of waxy junk that a whale throws up every once in a while. Pretty gross in and of itself. Back in the 17th century, ambergris was a highly sought-after commodity and considered a delicacy. Those who could afford it often used it as an ingredient to make cakes, pies, and certain egg dishes.