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When this shopper decided that they were going to order an outfit from Zara, they never could have expected what would happen. They got more than they bargained for, as the outfit arrived with a mystery item in tow.

This is not the first time that Zara has found itself making headlines. Their bold fashion statements and the bizarre poses from their models have caused a lot of discussion in the past.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

TikToker Yasmin Taylor is the one who received the random mystery item and, of course, she shared the experience with her followers. The Zara printed dress that she bought was supposed to come with a small bag.

Yasmin probably thought that she would be able to pair the small bag with the dress, but once she saw it? Her whole mood changed.

Photo: TikTok/yasmin_logan

Zara has some nerve here, don’t they? The bag is so small, we highly doubt that it could even be used as a purse. How can she even store anything in there? It’s an honest question and we can understand Taylor’s frustration.

“Anyone out there that can tell me what this is?” she asks. Zara should be contacting her immediately because this is certainly not acceptable.

Photo: TikTok/yasmin_logan

She was not done there, either. “ZARA, I need to know wtf this is,” she continued.

We are right there with her. How is it possible for a bag to be this small? It’s like someone is trying their best to pull off an April Fools joke.


Anyone out there that can tell me what this is? 😅 #zara #zarahual #fyp #fy #whatis #tiktokhelp #tiktokuk #zarauk #zarafashion #summerstyle #viral

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When it was all said and done, Yasmin came up with the perfect way to get the most out of this bag. She is now going to use it as a hat for her cat.

She shared an update video showing her cat wearing the hat and it seems to fit nicely:


Right @zara what you saying? Is it a cat hat? 🐈 #zara #zarahual #fyp #fy #catsoftiktok #whatisit #tiktokhelp #zarauk #viral #explorepage #love #f

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We have to give her credit for this amazing bit of ingenuity. She’s really taken lemons and managed to make some lemonade. Zara has a lot of explaining to do in the meantime, though.

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