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We do not think that we are speaking in hyperbole when we refer to “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen as one of the most famous songs in the history of music.

It’s the rare statement that sounds like it is a lie but it is actually 100 percent true as far as we’re concerned. As a result of this song’s enduring fame, there is no shortage of excellent covers that can be enjoyed by the rest of us.

Photo: Flickr/Rob Sinclair License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic

In fact, the cover that you are about to see just might be the best of them all. We do not say this lightly, either. You may think that you have seen it all when it comes to this song and to be clear, there have been some amazing covers throughout the years. This version is not nearly as over the top as some of the other ones that you have probably seen, either.

This boy’s version is a bit more stripped-down and minimal. There’s nothing wrong with that, though.

Photo: Twitter/@GoodNewsCorres1

He sings the song himself and then provides the musical accompaniment as well. He’s what we like to call a double threat. We could hardly believe what we were hearing. It is like he somehow managed to channel the spirit of Freddie Mercury right there on the spot.

We do not have much information to provide on the child’s identity but it is safe to say that we have been wowed. The fact that he wears pajamas for the performance is the best part, in our opinion. You know a performance is good when even the snark factory that is Twitter will have nice things to say about it.

Photo: Twitter/@GoodNewsCorres1

It’s a very fun song to hear people experiment with but we love to see someone who is willing to strip it down to the absolute essentials. This is the way the song needs to be sung going forward. Every performance is great as long as you are singing from the heart and that’s why we love this one so much.

Did you love this one as much as we did? We will definitely be watching this one over and over again anytime we want to brighten our mood going forward.