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The holiday season is upon us and there are a number of debates that need to be settled. Sure, we can debate the merits of eggnog once again, but what’s the fun in that? There’s also the never-ending debate about what constitutes a Christmas movie. The Die Hard fans lay in wait all year, waiting to offer up their 2 cents about that one.

Our favorite debate is a bit different than this. We love going back and forth with our friends and family about what the best Christmas movies really are. There are a few common classics that always come up on everyone’s list. That’s what makes this map such a special one. And now, UK-based online comparison site money.co.uk is here to provide us with a closer look at everyone’s favorites. They solve the debate once and for all, providing a map of favorite movies by country.

To create the map, they analyzed Google search data for 30 Christmas movies across 18 countries. All of the movies that were included in the mapping are mainstream classics. Don’t worry, you’re not going to be subjected to some snooty indie lover’s favorites.

A Worldwide Look At The Most Popular Christmas Movies!

In other words? Nestor, The Long-Eared Christmas Donkey is not going to be found here. The little known Portuguese holiday film that your pretentious cousin never shuts up about? That’s not going to be on here either. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that there are no shortage of Elf lovers out there as the Will Ferrell comedy was an immediate classic upon release.

Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Canada, and South Africa all love Elf! Its appeal is not limited to the Americans of the world, that is for sure. Love Actually also reigned supreme in numerous foreign countries, which may come as a surprise but neither of these movies were the top choice for those who reside in the United States.

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So what movie won the polling Stateside?

The Nightmare Before Christmas.

It took home the top prize, with a very high monthly search volume. Can you believe that over 3.5 million people are searching for this title on a monthly basis? Once you take a look at the map and learn more, you are going to have a number of surprises to sift through. For example, who knew that Germans were such big fans of Last Christmas?

Does your favorite movie align with your country’s? Let us know!

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