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Videos like these are always going to amaze us. It’s the type of thing where you can watch it 100 times and still have no idea how he accomplishes his goal.

People who can work with their hands like this man does are incredible in our eyes. If you are someone who loves to check out all types of woodworking magic, the Woodworking Art channel is an absolute must-see. This has quickly become one of our favorite channels on YouTube, as there is something that is oddly calming about watching woodworking in action.

Photo: YouTube/Woodworking Art

It’s almost like an AMSR video, that is how soothing this content is to us. When this video begins, we see a large block of wood and it is hard to imagine it as anything else. However, the only limits that exist in this world are the ones that we create for ourselves. That’s our biggest takeaway from this clip. If you can dream it up, you can create it.

It is not long before the massive block of wood starts to undergo an amazing transformation.

Photo: YouTube/Woodworking Art

We will be honest with you, we were totally glued to our screen once he started to turn the block of wood into a miniature truck. If you are anything like us, this is going to motivate you to take on some woodworking projects of your own.

We are not nearly as advanced as this man but everyone has to start somewhere. We have never seen a Super Truck International Lonestar materialize out of nowhere before and it is something like a movie. Our words cannot do the process justice, though. Anyone who would like to see the process for themselves should definitely take time out to watch this video.

Photo: YouTube/Woodworking Art

The jokes are sure to fly once you have had the chance to watch for yourself. We already saw someone refer to this man as Optimus Pine and that is a hard one to top.

Check out the incredible video below to see for yourself:

What did you think of this astonishing transformation? Were you as impressed as we were?

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