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Sergey Lesnoy and his friend Tyson are the industrious type, that is for sure. Once you have had the chance to see the results of their handiwork, you won’t be able to believe what they have pulled off.

These two men managed to find some wooden pallets and make magic with them. We never would have expected what they were able to build here but we are loving every minute of it.

Photo: Pixabay/Leeluu

Sergey and Tyson decided to take the pallets and make a home out of them. This may not seem possible to some, but trust us on this one, these two have pulled it off. The frame of the house was constructed first and from there, they filled in with various slats. After this step was done, that is when the roof was finally added.

The two men were sure to line the inside of the home with waterproof material, which is definitely a smart move in these instances. The last thing that you want is to have your house collapse within a few months because it was unable to withstand the elements. Additional amenities were also added, including windows, hooks, furniture, a loft, and a chimney.

Photo: YouTube/Лесной Сергей
Photo: YouTube/Лесной Сергей

While the process definitely took some time, it was not long before these men had a beautiful house in the woods to call their own. It really makes you wonder if you could pull off something like this in your own time. How handy does one have to be to pull something like this off? It’s a serious question that needs a serious answer.

In the meantime, we will just have to content ourselves with this video.

Photo: YouTube/Лесной Сергей

The friends did a ton of sawing and hammering, but at long last, the deed was done. The finished product looks so cozy, too. You have to take all of the connotations that are associated with a house out in the woods and get rid of them immediately.

“Building a house from pallets. House in the woods from start to finish,” the description reads. Most of us could never even fathom a home like this one but this video is a testament to what we can achieve if we are willing to put our noses to the proverbial grindstone.

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