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Humans have come a long way in terms of technology. I don’t just mean smartphones and similar devices. Just basic construction has come a long way since the primitive days of our ancestors.

In fact, many of us have been lucky enough that we don’t even have to think about building a shelter for ourselves. We live in a society where that is already taken care of by dedicated construction companies.

Photo: YouTube/Primitive Technology

The only home building that any of us will ever do will probably be in a virtual setting as part of some kind of gameplay. How lucky are we? Because if you think about it, in our modern age, many of us lack any of the primitive survival skills we’d need to make it in a primitive societal setting. So, let’s hope we never have to live through a true apocalypse where our society breaks down.

However, there are some people out there who are quite industrious at primitive construction. Like the craftsman who founded the video series, Primitive Technology, where he builds shelters entirely from scratch!

Photo: YouTube/Primitive Technology
Photo: YouTube/Primitive Technology

They’re not poorly executed stick buildings that are barely held together by a scrape of rope either – these are beautiful creations that are actually habitable!

One of the homes he built was constructed out of bricks that he made himself using wood ash! It’s absolutely incredible! Of course, building such a place from scratch did take time, and this particular project took him more than half a year to complete.

Photo: YouTube/Primitive Technology

As the man explained in the video below, “I built a hut from fired clay bricks and mortared them together with a cement made from wood ash left over from the firing process. …The ash left over from firing the bricks was enough to mortar those same bricks together. The hut was 2×2 m and 2 m high at the gables. Wooden beams were placed onto the gables to form the roof and secured in place with mortar. Then I made barrel roof tiles and lay them onto these beams. The whole project took 6 and a half months to build.”

Check out the process below:

What do you think of the home this man built? Let us know!

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