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Healthy lifestyles are all well and good. We love to see people working hard and taking care of themselves. However, there are some folks out there who simply take these types of ideas to an extreme that we are just not comfortable with.

Tiktoker @eemilydharperr came under scrutiny after sharing a rather controversial “kitchen tip.” The tip she shared? Rinsing ground beef, after it’s been cooked!

To be fair, she claims to have learned this technique from a nutrition class. We are not sure what nutrition class this was, but we are willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

When she first starts to cook the ground beef, everything seems normal enough. However, once the beef is cooked and ready to serve, she does something questionable. She deems the grease that collected in the pan gross and shares how she gets rid of the “gross” grease, by rinsing it out in a strainer.


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Of course, people were horrified by her “kitchen tip” and had both some jokes and words of wisdom to share. One Twitter user, @saresgee, reminded everyone that you should never pour grease (or oil) down the drain, as it can cause clogs. They suggested collecting it in a can and either disposing of it properly or saving it for later use.

However, Emily wasn’t the only one using this “hack.” Twitter user @BunnyQueen3 shared that her family has been doing this “forever” and she didn’t understand the issue.

Twitter user @CroatianMapping shared his disappointment with American cooking. He said, “Americans have just lost all cooking privileges, If my dad saw me dumping grease in the sink AND RINSING GROUND BEEF WITH WATER, I would be disowned.”

While some felt like the jokes were taken too far, people were just looking out for her sink (and the sanitation levels of her cooking). No one wants to deal with a badly clogged sink and the expense of a plumber (not to mention the taste of the food!).

Have you ever heard of rinsing cooked ground beef before?

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