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This story originally appeared at Goodfullness by Timothy Roberts.

By now you’ve probably heard of The Makeover Guy and the magic he performs in his studio in Minneapolis, MN. He also does the same on his YouTube channel. His name is Christopher Hopkins and he has changed the lives of many people who were no longer satisfied with their looks.

That was the case with Mary, who walked into his studio in Minneapolis because she was tired of her old, frumpy look. By the time she left his studio, however, she would be turning heads, including her husband’s and even her own!

Hopkins got his start in the haircare industry way back in 1990. The Christopher Hopkins Salon at the KSTP Studios was opened in St. Paul, MN. He also hosted their ‘Good Company’ show and he gained popularity very quickly. He has opened many other salons since that time, including his appearance studio in Minneapolis in 2017.

The Makeover Guy offers a number of different services based on what clients want and what he feels clients need. Some of the offerings include makeup, hair color, haircuts, and waxing. Complete makeovers are offered in several packages. Other services also help clients to look their best, including how to choose the right clothes or how to speak properly.

The number of people transformed by Christopher continues to grow. Three women, Ann, Pam, and Mary all rave about his services. Ann is one of his regular clients and she said her first visit was life-altering. Her daughter gasped at her beauty after she came home from her first visit with Christopher. Since then, Ann and Christopher have developed a friendship and he continues to cut her hair regularly. Pam is also a client who went in with her daughter and her 86-year-old mother to get makeovers. Pam loves that the people at Christopher’s salon make them feel like the most important clients they’ve ever had.

It’s little wonder, then, that Mary anxiously awaited her appointment to see Christopher. She was looking for a change and after searching online, she found Christopher’s services and he was near her home. For over 20 years, Mary had colored her own hair from a box with the same color and it was time for a change. Christopher started cutting her hair shorter and shorter and she realized it was the right way to go.

Finally, when both the color and cut were revealed to her, Mary was shocked. The platinum blonde pixie cut was absolutely perfect for her. She was sure that her husband would be thrilled because he’d always wanted her to cut her hair short. Mary was resistant at first, but Christopher ended up making the right decision for her.

The makeover was a gift for her husband. They are having their 27th anniversary and she wanted a new look for him. Christopher provided the inspiration and she is not only ready to look better, she is ready to live better.