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Online shopping is an awesome way to get our hands on the items that we want with relative ease. That does not mean that it does not come with all sorts of pitfalls.

This woman is particularly concerned about the tipping culture that has been allowed to flourish past its logical breaking point. Don’t get us wrong, we love to tip and in most scenarios, we are not worried about it at all.

Photo: Unsplash/Christin Hume

In this instance, we can see why someone would end up getting annoyed. TikTok user @spookyweiner is here to share her experiences and we cannot stop laughing.

Can you believe that she was asked to tip during an online shopping excursion? “I’m purchasing an office chair online, and they’re asking me if I want to leave a tip,” she says and you can hear the disbelief dripping off her voice.

Photo: TikTok/@spookywiener

She was asked if she wanted to provide a tip for the company “team” and the amounts are comical. She had the option to provide a 1% tip of $2, 3% tip of $6, or 5% tip of $10. That’s insanity to us and we say this as people who actually enjoy tipping. We can just imagine how the people who are not fans of tipping feel about this type of thing.

It’s quite a racket that these people have going, isn’t it? We are willing to bet that this tip money goes right back to the company and the “team” is a made-up concept that tricks the gullible into feeling like they need to help them out. This tip option came up when she was shopping for an office chair and she was annoyed that she decided to cancel the order on the spot.

Photo: TikTok/@spookywiener

“This is getting so ridiculous,” she said and we agree 100 percent. That’s not all. She uncovered another reason for her skepticism and we are right there with her on this one, too. “They ship via UPS and fedex. It’s not even their own delivery service or whatever. Which would make a little more sense,” she shared.

Check out the video below:


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This is the type of thing that is going to turn people off from online shopping. We know that we will not be shopping with this company if we can possibly help it. “I was literally at a self-checkout counter at the airport and it asked if I wanted to tip. Like tip who? Me the person who did self-checkout?” shared one viewer.

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