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We all know that the internet can be a strange and mysterious place. But more often than not, it’s been a place that has provided us with hours of entertainment. There are plenty of funny videos circulating the web. In recent years, TikTok has been the go-to place for hilarious videos and video challenges that keep smiles on our faces.

Another trend that is going around on social media is one that originated on TikTok. It is a challenge that is of the musical persuasion, and it features the participants singing in various harmonies to the chorus of Mika’s “Grace Kelly.”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

There have been tons of videos shared so far of different TikTokers doing the challenge and recording themselves singing their own versions.

However, none of them have proven to be as funny as the duet between actors Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell. Both Reynolds and Ferrell are known to be hilarious in their own right, therefore it is not surprising that the TikTok collaboration would prove to be quite amusing.

Photo: Instagram/vancityreynolds

The video starts off with Reynolds singing by himself. It’s not funny as much as really good – he’s really got a voice on him. But then, it starts to get funny in the next round as Ferrell joins in.

Photo: Instagram/vancityreynolds

The two show some pretty great vocal skills, but there is also an underlying element of funny with the facial expressions and the written captions on the side. And of course, can’t forget the end with Ferrell himself making an appearance on camera and really going for it vocally.

Overall, it’s definitely a delightful video that will make you both laugh and smile. Check it out below:


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