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Stores are famous for different reasons but CVS has a claim to fame unlike any other. They have extremely long receipts, and they know it. In fact, Rob Price is the Chief Marketing Officer for CVS, and he explained those long receipts to the Boston Globe. According to Price, the receipts have a lot of coupons and they are a way to reward the customers who take advantage of the ExtraCare rewards program. There is also a financial benefit because it’s cheaper to print the receipt than to mail the deals.

Price also said that if you are a championship shopper, you’re going to get a championship receipt.

He went on to say that CVS would reduce the length of the receipts in the future but most people say that they are still far too long.

Perhaps that is why they are a meme.

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The solution to the problem may be easier than you think. You can use an environmentally friendly option of digital receipts. They also have the added benefit of not getting lost when you need to find that $2 coupon a couple of weeks later. They could just email you your receipt or use your CVS app to deliver it electronically to your smartphone.

Digital receipts are now a reality. You can sign up for them at the register when you visit the store the next time. They will automatically load into your ExtraCare account, so you don’t even have to worry about email.