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When it comes time to book your next flight (and trust us, we cannot wait), there are some important considerations to make. One of the most common questions asked has to do with the seating arrangement. If you are going to be on a long flight, you are obviously going to want to sit in the best seat possible, but what really is the best seat?

Naturally, flying first-class is ideal, but for those who are flying economy, it’s important to pick a strategic seat.

Image by Lukas Bieri from Pixabay

One flight attendant, Sandra Jeenie Kwon, revealed the best seat in economy, and it’s surprising to a lot of people. Apparently, the best seat isn’t near the front of the plane. It’s also not all the way in the back. So which seat is the best? Kwon breaks it down and provides an explanation for the seating choice.

For starters, it’s best to avoid the front of economy because how the plane is loaded means that the area will be filled first. So, it’s more likely to be crowded.

Photo: Unsplash

Additionally, it’s handy to sit next to the bathroom for easy access. However, sitting too close can result in frequent disruptions from people walking by and the smell. Sandra recommends sitting about 5 rows in front of the back bathroom, to allow for easy access while avoiding the stink and annoyance of being too close. Plus, the very back row seats don’t recline.

Naturally, you want to avoid the middle seat. After all, no one wants to be crammed in between two other people, so that seat is out.

Photo: Pixabay

Once all of the “bad seating” is eliminated from the conversation, Kwon concludes that the very best seat on an airplane is 49 C/D/F/G.

Watch the video below:

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