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When you think about Thanksgiving, your thoughts automatically go toward Turkey. After all, it has been the bird that has graced our table for many years when Thanksgiving comes around.

More than likely, your turkey is one of the nicest meals that you fix all year, and you may even have a turkey on your table that is sporting a nice pair of turkey booties. If you’ve ever wondered where they came from and why they are used, you are not alone.

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Turkey booties are those paper caps that people put over the turkey leg-ends. They are also known as turkey frills. The general reason why people would put them on a turkey is to cover the end of the bones, which is not the most appetizing thing to stare at while you are eating a nice meal.

They look similar to a chef’s hat, although they might be different from one household to another. In reality, they don’t serve a purpose other than making the turkey look a little better. At the same time, however, it’s a trend that has stuck around for quite some time.