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Being a kid these days is hard, between anxiety induced by social media, bulletproof backpacks, and the regular childhood fears – the last thing that kids need to be concerned about is counting calories.

And yet, that is where the former Weight Watchers comes in, after having recently been rebranded as WW. They have created a new app called Kurbo, where kids can use their phones to count calories. The worst part is, the app is specifically targeting kids as young as eight-years-old.

Photo: Screeshots from Kurbo

WW has called Kurbo a “scientifically-proven behavior change program designed to help kids and teens age 8-17 reach a healthier weight,” but mental health experts are calling BS.

Adolescent mental health advocate Whitney Fisch did not refrain from posting on her Facebook, “You NEED to Shut. This. Down.”

Photo: Facebook / Whitney Fisch, MSW – Adolescent Mental Health Advocate

Fisch explained, “Teaching children to track their food intake all the while being indoctrinated into diet culture by one of your untrained ‘health coaches’ is begging for an eating disorder diagnosis and is wildly inappropriate + disgusting.”

Twitter also had a strong reaction from their users, many of them who are survivors of eating disorders or mental health experts.

The app can’t really hold up under the scrutiny of downloading.

While there are plenty of healthy ways to encourage healthy eating habits, experts are all in agreement that none of them involve micro-management of food using traffic signals.

Kurbo has responded to peoples’ criticism of the app by assuring that they have specially trained “Kurbo coaches” who are tasked with trying to identify eating disorders. While not said outwardly, this pretty much sounds like even they feel that their app could lead to eating disorders.

Let’s hope this app doesn’t last that long.