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This wedding planner has gone viral on TikTok, as they have been kind enough to offer up special tips and pointers for how to handle the big day.

Julia, who works as the owner of her own wedding planning business Day by Drachenberg, is well experienced in this regard. She’s gotten lots of views for her tips in the past and now the videos are starting to resurface.

Photo: TikTok/@daybydrachenberg

That’s the thing about good advice. It never goes out of style. She has gotten a lot of attention for one tip in particular.

Bras are actually a bad idea before you are making your way down the aisle. “No bras,” she says in a recent clip. “No bras, because you’re gonna get changed into your dress and want to take your dress photos, and you’re gonna have bra lines all over your back.”

Photo: TikTok/@daybydrachenberg

Julia made the video because she had been seeing the same tips over and over again. She wanted brides and bridesmaids to be able to enjoy their big days without making the same mistakes that others have fallen victim to. For example, she is letting them know they need to “eat breakfast” and “don’t be the last to get your hair and makeup done.”

“The tips I gave mostly revolve around [minimizing] lines from clothing and not having hair ties in their photos because it can take away from their look and it shouldn’t be the main focus,” she continued in a recent interview with the New York Post. She also believes that hair ties and watches should be kept off of the wrist.

Photo: TikTok/@daybydrachenberg

“The wrist? I don’t want to see hair ties on it,” she explains in her video. “Again, you’re gonna take ’em off and you’re gonna have hair tie marks in your arm. Or, worse, you’re gonna leave it on all day, and in every photo of you in your wedding, you’re gonna have a f—ing hair tie on your arm.”

She tells brides to follow a similar principle when it comes to socks. “I get it, your feet are cold, I’m with you, wear slippers,” Julia cautions. “Socks make lines. Lines make for ugly putting on your shoe photos, okay?” That’s not all she had to say. “The morning of the wedding is so hectic so anything to make that easier like steaming early and setting out your items saves some time. The last tip is about taking a moment to yourself, to reflect on the day and all the years and moments that lead up to it because it can be such an emotionally big day and flys by.”


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