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The past summer, we saw the trend of ultra-realistic cakes emerge. People were preparing themed cakes that took on a whole new level of realism. Going along with the cake trend is a baker on TikTok who is blowing minds by revealing one of the craziest secrets about the baking industry

As it turns out, the displays that we typically think are cake are not always cake!

Photo: Unsplash

Butterdream Bakery in the U.K. revealed the truth in a recent TikTok video and we cannot believe this behind-the-scenes peek at the industry!

Photo: Pixabay

The video was posted in duet format, which allows viewers to compare and contrast. A baker is shown throwing away a fake piece of cake. While it may have looked delicious at first, it turns out that the cake is not a piece of cake at all! It’s actually a piece of Styrofoam decorated to look like a cake.

Photo: TikTok/butterdreambakery

Apparently, it is common for bakers to decorate styrofoam to look like elaborate cakes. They use this tactic for wedding cakes and other public events.

“A lot of the wedding cakes you see are fake,” the woman shares. “We’ll wheel away a fake cake that’s decorated and everything and then cut up sheet cake in the back and then serve that to the guests.”

Watch the video below:


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What do you think about this wedding cake secret? Did you know they do this? Let us know!

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