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I am a huge fan of summer, for a number of reasons. For starters, the weather is absolutely tremendous. Winter is the pits and I spend most of that season pining for warmer temperatures. Summer is also awesome because all of the seasonal produce that we are given the chance to enjoy. Unfortunately, the process of slicing a watermelon can be quite tedious and annoying.

Jennifer Jenner is the YouTube user that is providing us with the hack and we are more than happy to pass it along to the rest of you. This hack is genius and totally foolproof. The method is divided into two simple parts: the cutting of the watermelon and the actual serving.

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To get started, cut the watermelon in half. Short cuts should be used to pierce the rind of the fruit.

As soon as you have made your way around the watermelon, it will split in half far more easily than you ever could have expected.

Now it is time to flip the melon upside down so that the fleshy side is sitting face down on top of your cutting board. Are there any leftover white parts? You can trim those off now as well.

The watermelon can be sliced as soon as you are done with this part. The cutting board needs to be rotated 90 degrees when you are finished so that slices can be made in the other direction. Grab a bowl and place it on top of the watermelon. Flip the bowl and make sure that the watermelon is still covered. The watermelon should be perfectly sliced, with no leftover pieces.

Would you like to see this incredible hack in action? If so, check out this awesome video:

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