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Doing laundry seems to be such a no-brainer. We separate the clothing, toss them in the washing machine, add the detergent and press a button. Within a half-hour or so, we are removing the clothes from the washing machine they are clean again.

Although this does seem like a rather simple process, there is something that needs to be considered. When problems arise, we need to know what to do about them.


That is where Alan Johnson comes in. He posts tips to TikTok and on a recent trip through the kitchen, he was surprised to see that his washing machine was pouring out smoke.

Along with the video, he wrote this comment: “How many times do we leave the washing machine on unattended? This happened today and luckily we [were] home or it would have caught fire.”

Photo: TikTok/@aj091600

He helped to flesh things out of the comments when he said that he heard a bang followed by a burning smell. There was only a minute left in the cycle but he unplugged the washing machine and this kept the fire from growing.

In the Wash, a website dedicated to washing machines, also weighed in on the subject. They say that your washing machine may catch fire due to a damaged electrical cord, motor malfunction, or a blocked drainpipe.

Photo: TikTok/@aj091600

The components may also start to short-circuit due to excessive vibration and a fire could begin. Unfortunately, you can’t really spot these issues with the machine in the off position but the experts do recommend that you are home when you are doing laundry.

As you can imagine, many viewers were surprised by the suggestion but they were also thankful for the warning.


If we wasn’t home when this happened it would of surely caught fire. How many of us leave the washing machine on unattended as we go out shopping etc

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