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Getting wasted has different connotations to different people. Once we heard that women were on social media getting waisted, we knew that we had to get in on the fun. However, it is a totally different type of waisted.

There is an “illusion dress” that is currently causing quite the stir on TikTok and for very good reason. It’s a midriff cinching dress and it has been quite the jaw-dropper. The kicker is that it has nothing to do with the actual waist size, but the shape of the dress and the illusion it creates – hence the nickname, “illusion dress.”

Photo: Pixabay/Deedee86

The magical fabric is enough to make people wonder what is going on and that is before we have even gotten to the flattering print. This is the truly eye-catching part, of course. “My waist looks completely snatched,” New York TikToker and new mother Nana Castro said in a recent interview with the New York Post.

Fashion Nova’s “Mind of My Own” maxi dress comes with this amazing feature and we still cannot believe our eyes. “When I put [the dress] on and saw the way it accentuated my curves, I felt like the old me,” the new mother (and Westchester native) was sure to add. “I didn’t see ‘mom bod,’ I saw the sexy shape that I had before I had my son,” she concluded.

Photo: TikTok/itsnanacastro

This fashion influencer identifies as being “midsize.” This is a term that is used on social media for women who are able to fit sizes 8 to 12. Once Nana modeled the outfit on TikTok, she immediately went viral and this should not surprise anyone. The floor-length dress comes with two straps that have been sewn into the bodice. When they are tied together, they will create a front-facing belt across the waist.

If the belt is tied tightly enough, the illusion of an hourglass figure is finally created. This is obviously a dream come true for many women. The dress, which was priced at $23.99 (formerly $39.99), has now sold out in every size on the Fashion Nova website because of the viral clip.

Photo: TikTok/itsnanacastro

You are going to have to wait your turn when it comes time to buy this dress but from the looks of it? It is going to be well worth that wait. Who doesn’t want to get waisted when it looks this fun? The posts about the dress have been eye-popping, as all of these ladies are serving looks for days. Check out the video below:


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