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Today’s children are not going to have any idea what we used to go through when it comes to certain things. They have never listened to their music on a cassette player or played with a slinky toy. Can you imagine trying to explain the inherent concept of compact discs to the children who are growing up in the current generation? We are willing to bet that they would laugh their heads off.

The object that we are about to discuss definitely fits into this category. We would be stunned if today’s children had any clue what this item is. In fact, there are probably some older millennials that are looking to find out more. If you have been alive long enough, you definitely remember them.

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If you've ever done any sewing, chances are you recognize this. I have at least a couple knocking around the bottom of my sewing toolbox. . image source: © Raimond Spekking / CC BY-SA 4.0 (via Wikimedia Commons) . #fiberartatoz #nisforneedle #needle #needles #sewing #needlethreader #sewingtools #sewingkit #fiberart #fiberarts #fiberartistsofoklahoma #fiberartistsofok @fiberartistsofok

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These are some of the most important tools for those who like to sew. Without the needle threader, the process becomes far more difficult. Diamond-shaped wires were typically attached to round metal pieces, but all of that has changed now. We cannot remember the last time we saw one of these needle threaders in person. For the most part, they were made of lighter metals, such as tin.

The top piece of the needle threaders also come with their own stamp of the Queen’s head, so that they stand out from the crowd. These needle threaders date back for hundreds of years. They made their debut during the Victorian era. Since the threaders cost next-to-nothing to make and were very easy to use, it is easy to see why they became so popular during the time period.

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When you get to a certain age (and haven’t bothered getting new glasses in a while) you notice how much you need this awesome little thing #needlethreader #nålpåträdare #crafter #crosstitch #blindasabat

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Once the 1900s rolled around, people started using different methods for threading their needles. In 1978, Juki took a very bold step forward. They were the first company to incorporate a needle threader that worked automatically into their sewing machines. If you are in search of a vintage needle threader, good luck! You can still find them but it is a tough search, for sure.

Modern needle threaders also make life simpler, but those of us who want to sew like our grandmothers did still rely on the old school techniques. Be sure to show this story to your younger relatives and loved ones. They are going to be baffled by these needle threaders and that should make for a great laugh.