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You can always learn something on TikTok. Sometimes, it’s worth learning and at other times, it may be something to just pass the time.

Recently, a mailman went on TikTok to update us on a very important issue. It has to do with postal etiquette, and the video is going viral.

Photo: TikTok/@chadhuber

The postal worker is Chad Huber, and the video has well over 800,000 views. It’s a simple reminder, but one that many people need to hear.

He showed a return address sticker that was pasted on the back of the envelope. The return address was placed in that space, instead of putting it in the top left corner.

Photo: TikTok/@chadhuber

He then explains that when you put an address in the back center of the envelope, you can easily confuse the computers that sort the mail. It essentially looks like another delivery address.

At this point, you have to 50% chance of getting the letter back in your own mail.

Photo: TikTok/@chadhuber

The person delivering the mail can either return the letter or cross out the barcodes and send it back through again.

If you want to avoid this problem, just put the return address in the upper left corner on the front like everyone else.


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♬ original sound – Chad Huber

It’s nice to be original, but not if it is going to cause this kind of problem.