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Lina was chatting with an Uber driver recently and she made a confession that seemed innocent enough at the moment. She told him it had been a while since she had seen her family back in Sudan.

“Was chatting to my Uber driver last night on my way home about Bengali food, Sylhet, Sudan, how I can’t get in touch with my family there after the coup, and how isolating it can be living in London,” she wrote on her Twitter page.

Photo: flickr/Stock Catalog

In the midst of the journey, the driver decided to make an unexpected pit stop. They wanted this passenger to feel better about their current circumstances. While some drivers would have just offered a pep talk and kept it moving, this man went above and beyond to offer some comfort to his lonely passenger.

“He drove by his house mid journey and asked his wife to fix me a curry plate,” she shared. This is one of the nicest things that we have heard in some time, that is for sure. There are not many drivers who would do something like this and this man deserves kudos. Lina was not willing to go along with the offer at first, either.

It’s understandable. We would feel like a major imposition if our driver stopped off back at home to make sure that his wife fixed us a plate of food. The driver was not about to take no for an answer, though. We love him for that and that’s what makes this story so heartwarming.

“He insisted despite my pleas because he lived close to me. I didn’t have any food cooked in weeks and been surviving on work canteen food so today I had the best murgir lal jhol for lunch. It’s the generosity of communion that holds us together,” Lina shared. The generosity did not stop there, either. “He even offered me rice as well but I was like no please I have rice this is too much,” she continued.


We wish that more people believed in these types of random connections. Too often, we end up sitting in stone silence in the back of a rideshare vehicle, mindlessly scrolling away. That’s why it is important to open up to people from time to time.

You simply never know what could happen as a result of sharing your personal struggles. This is a great lesson that Lina has learned firsthand!

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