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We love all of the hacks that TikTok has to offer and this one is certainly no different. It comes to us courtesy of Kentucky hairdresser Melondy.

She is here to share a hack that will allow our readers to store their frozen foods far more easily than ever before. It is the best type of hack, in the sense that its cleverness is only matched by its simplicity.

Photo: TikTok/@jonez_333

You do not need to be an expert of any kind to handle this one. We had no idea that it was so easy to create our own built-in ties for these bags. In fact, this video shows us that we have been doing it all wrong this whole time. That’s just the way life goes, though. We do what we can until we are able to learn more.

To get started, you grab a pair of scissors. From there, you cut into the bag, creating a U-shaped piece that remains flat.

Photo: TikTok/@jonez_333

Throw out the piece of bag that you have removed and guess what? You now have the ability to tie the bag far more easily than ever before. The handles that are left behind will make the bag so easy to tie, your life will never be the same.

For those who have been wondering how to properly store their frozen foods, this hack comes at the perfect time. We love being able to stash leftovers in the freezer because it makes life way easier when dinnertime rolls around. Everyone has their moments when they do not have much time to prepare a dinner and it’s tough to rely on fast food all of the time.

Photo: TikTok/@jonez_333

That’s why you need freezer foods at the ready for those days when there is a massive time crunch. Thanks to this amazing hack from Melondy, this is no longer going to be a problem. Dinnertime (or lunch or breakfast or snack time) has been made much, much simpler.

Check out the video below:


Life changing🤣🤣

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