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The original Twizzlers flavor is marvelous, right? However, the strawberry ones have been paired with some new and interesting options over the years. The pull and peel chocolate Twizzlers were a favorite of ours, that is for sure. And, of course, the orange cream pop-filled twists were also great.

But now, there is a brand new flavor coming around the corner but there’s just one issue here: We do not know what that flavor is.

Photo: Hershey/

The “mystery flavor” is still going to be released to the public and we love that for us. It gives everyone the chance to put their taste buds to the test. We cannot wait to see if we are able to identify this flavor on first taste.

Photo: Pixabay

The brand, itself, has not even made the announcement about the mystery flavor, but Wholesale Albanese Confectionery has posted the new Twizzlers and that is all the confirmation that we need at the moment.

Photo: Hershey/

The candy is purple, so it stands to reason that it must be grape, right? On the other hand, that might be a bit too obvious.

We are not sure exactly when the candy will be rolled out on a wider scale but if you order through Wholesale Albanese Confectionery then orders ship between April 18, 2021 and April 26, so they should be in stores by May!

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