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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and there are a variety of ways to celebrate the big day. Some of us will be breaking out our stretchiest pants, in an effort to break our previous records. Others may decide to focus more on the cooking aspect of things (and less on the eating). Meanwhile, there are some who would rather show their love for Thanksgiving in a whole new way.

Once you have taken a look at this Turkey Day nail art, you are sure to swoon. The best nail art (in our humblest of opinions) is simple and effective. It does not have to be ridiculously over the top or cost an arm and a leg. Miss Jen Fabulous is the YouTube account who is here to provide you with all of the necessary tips and pointers during this tutorial.

After all, nail art like this is not always easy to come by. In most instances, you would need to visit an expensive salon and spend a sizable amount of time there. With this video, those concerns are no longer paramount. You also have the added bonus of steering clear of crowded nail shops and salons during this uncertain moment in time.

Photo: YouTube / Miss Jen Fabulous

There’s no reason why your beauty routine needs to be altered. We are all stuck inside, for sure. However, YouTube is one of the most valuable resources that you are going to have at your disposal during these trying times.

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