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As we age, we all find ourselves trying to put our own unique spin on the holidays and Thanksgiving is no different. After all, there are nearly endless ways to make a great turkey. You can go “old school” or you can toss one in the air fryer. We definitely know a lot of people who are going to be doing the latter this year, that is for sure.

Any recipe that allows the turkey to take center stage is top-notch, in our book. There’s something about a perfectly cooked turkey that cannot be duplicated with just any old meal. While there are plenty of recipes out there to choose from, there is also something about this one that is incredibly intriguing. Since this is the social distancing year anyway, this is your chance to do some experimenting.

Photo: YouTube / TheKitchyKitchen

The secret to your next great Thanksgiving meal actually lies within a different meal entirely, and that’s porchetta. It’s typically made with pork, but The Kitchy Kitchen is going to show you how to create a turkey-based version of this traditional Italian fare. It’s called “turketta” and is a wonderful take on traditional Thanksgiving turkey.

The crispy skin and savory herbs make for a flavor-packed dish that you will want to serve all year round.

There are a few ingredients that you will need to get, so you’ll probably have to make a store run at some point. But compared to a regular turkey dinner, the prep time is much shorter and you can adjust the amount of meat that used to meet your personal needs.

Check out the full video tutorial on how to make your own turketta below.