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If you’ve been around TikTok for any length of time, you are accustomed to seeing some wedding proposals. They seem to happen frequently and everyone wants to share the special moment with the world.

That includes this special proposal that took place by the water near Brisbane, Australia. An engagement ring was being handed off but something didn’t exactly go right in the exchange.

Photo: TikTok/@stephanieariana0

When Luke Aukuso decided to head out on the Brisbane pier for the special moment with his significant other, he also wanted his step-daughter, Harpie to be part of it. That decision didn’t turn out as planned.

After the video of the event was posted online, hundreds of thousands of people began liking it because it shows one of those cringe-worthy moments that all of us would like to avoid in life.

Photo: TikTok/@stephanieariana0

You can hear the little girl saying: “Look at mummy.” It really was a touching moment but suddenly, it changed from being a romantic memory to being one of sheer horror.

Suddenly, with the camera rolling, the ring slips out of the fingers of the little girl and right through a crack in the pier. It is one of those moments I’m sure that they will remember, and the man acted quickly to jump in the water and try to save the day.

Photo: TikTok/@stephanieariana0

Someone tried to stop him from jumping, yelling that it was too shallow. It’s a moment that will live on forever, thanks to video and it seems as if there may be some good news at the end.

Stephanie, his fiancée, reported to the followers that her significant other had saved the ring. She said: “It was a 6m jump into about 1m of water on low tide, adrenaline hit him hard. Everything turned out perfect.”


Had to tell Harpie that it was kissed by the fish and mermaids for goodluck 😅😂

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I guess all’s well that ends well.