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One thing that I love about observing other drivers on the road is their car karaoke. We all do it – we all sing along and dance in our seats to music while we’re driving.

Sometimes it’s when we’ve had a bad day at work or when we’re on our way to do something fun with friends, or just because we’re vibing with the music and want to let loose behind the wheel.

Photo: Max Pixel

We all have that one song, in particular, that is like our driving jam. No matter how old or new it is, it’s the one song that will make even the shyest person break out into a car karaoke performer on the road.

Personally, for me, it’s always been Shaina Twain’s “Man I feel like a Woman.” If you ever pull up alongside me at a stoplight, chances are my car karaoke performance will be that song.

Photo: YouTube/Ethan

But for one adorable little passenger, the 2014 summer hit song from Bruno Mars, “Uptown Funk,” happens to be her car ride jam. We all remember “Uptown Funk” being all over the airwaves a few years ago. The Motown-inspired hit was a pretty good one to dance and sing along to, but it has since lessened in popularity.

Still, that didn’t stop one adorable little girl from demonstrating why it makes such a good song to listen to while in the car.

Photo: YouTube/Ethan

In an adorable video, Ethan Turn manages to capture his niece’s reaction to hearing the opening notes of “Uptown Funk” as it plays on the radio. At first, the little girl in her car seat is very demurred and thoughtful about the song that is playing…but that’s only because she’s leading up to it.

Once the song gets going and the beat finally drops…all bets are off! The little girl has no issue rocking out in her car seat and it’s the cutest thing ever.

Check it out in the video below:

What do you think of this little girl’s vibing to Uptown Funk?