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Kids are fast learners as they grow up, and they can often come up with their own little routines or habits as a result.

Some of them can be quite cute. Recently, my best friend had her first baby, and I became a godmother. I’ve noticed that even though he’s a little infant, he’s still able to form his own little habits. They’re subtle habits, mostly smiling and giggling. But cute nonetheless.

Photo: YouTube/RM Videos

One mother quickly noticed that her daughter had developed a habit that coincided with her opening the car door.

The mom took note that each time she opened the car door, her daughter would promptly wave while saying hi. It happened each time without fail, so the mom began to film it every time it happened.

Photo: YouTube/RM Videos

Eventually, she got enough footage to put together a rather adorable video compilation that features her daughter saying hello. It is quite cute, especially since the little girl always looks beyond happy to see her mom opening up the car door.

Photo: YouTube/RM Videos

Given how quickly kids grow up, there is no doubt that this mom will be looking back on this video with fond memories when her daughter gets a little older.

Watch the compilation video down below:

Do your kids have any cute habits that you regularly film? Let us know!