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Most people probably drink soda regularly enough to know that once you crack it open, it’s only a matter of time before it goes flat. We’ve all had soda that goes flat after a few hours of being opened. It’s pretty nasty. But it’s not nearly as nasty as what happens to it after it is left to sit.

We’ve all had the misfortune of sipping soda that has gone flat after sitting out for hours, maybe a day – tops. It’s filmy, it’s gross, and it’s the worst. But we might not realize is that it can actually get worse than that. Our soda can actually rot and spoil beyond just filmy flatness. As a timelapse video by Nerdist shows, a glass of soda can actually go through quite the transformation if it is left to sit for long enough. And that is exactly what happened when they left one glass of soda alone for 105 days.

Photo: YouTube / Temponaut Timelapse

As captured in the experiment by Temponaut Timelapse, a YouTube channel that often features the decomposition of different food items, soda can actually go through its own decomposing process. And it might seem like it doesn’t, but that’s because soda doesn’t go off quite like other foods. It takes a fairly long time for any signs of mold to start to appear. While watching the video, viewers can see that the changes happening to the soda are very minor.

Within the first week, the only things that have changed were that the ice cubes melt, the lemon garnish on the side of the glass shrivels up, and the liquid starts to evaporate. But then the really gross portion of the decomposition process starts to happen around the eighth-day mark. That is when there are actual patches of mold that begin to appear on the side of the glass. The patches of the blue-green mold get bigger and bigger as the days progress – particularly the one forming right in the center of the soda. And by the time the three-month marker comes around, the glass of soda is actually festering with moldy soda.

And it’s pretty gross – check it out for yourself below: