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Jackson Wise (who goes by @jackson_wise on TikTok) is here to share a unique idea that is sure to help those who plan on getting their drink the next time that they are invited to a wedding.

This idea is also an eco-conscious way of reducing the amount of waste that the wedding creates. The idea is a very simple one that anyone can follow.

Photo: TikTok/@jackson_wise

He suggests that you purchase your champagne flutes from thrift shops so that each of your guests are able to enjoy their own unique glass. Wise works as an insurance advisor and he loves to provide business advice to his viewers, in addition to comedic musings. The idea came about when he was given the chance to help a family member plan their wedding.

He made a video, which ended up going viral, that depicted him heading to the thrift store and purchasing 200 champagne flutes.

Photo: TikTok/@jackson_wise

When the video begins, we see all of the champagne flutes. They are all different sizes and some of them have engraved designs on them. The only commonality between all of the champagne flutes is that they are all made out of glass.

“Wedding idea,” Wise said in the video’s caption. “We thrifted 200+ different champagne flutes and it went like…” We also get to see the wedding guests milling about and from the looks of it, they were having an awesome time. How could you not? From there, we see a montage of wedding photographs, as each of the guests are holding up their flutes for the world to see.

Photo: TikTok/@jackson_wise

The photos are a joy to watch but they fly by fast. They illustrate the fun of giving people lots of different choices. People were applauding this unique idea in the comments, as they gave the couple props for choosing glasses that were more earth-friendly.

It is also much easier for guests to avoid various mix ups in these instances! After all, the last thing that anyone wants to do is grab a glass that someone else has been drinking out of.


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