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There are certain ideas that make us smack our foreheads and wonder why we didn’t think of them first. This particular TikTok hack is high up on that list. @clean_air is the TikTok user who is responsible for sharing the amazing clip.

When it begins, we watch a Mission Street Taco tortilla being placed in the toaster.

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sweet lord. . have you ever put a tortilla in the toaster!? . they puff up and become perfectly crispy. #toastertortilla

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The tortilla gets nice and puffy, giving you plenty of room to add all of your preferred ingredients. The toppings and fillings can be added without the unwanted spillage that tends to take place when we are putting our tacos together. It’s the sort of hack that will change the way that you eat tacos and you will want to share it with all of the taco lovers in your life right away.

The end result looks like an awful lot like the Uncrustables that we enjoyed as children. We are not the only ones who have noticed this. The comment section speaks for itself. “Uncrustable but make it spicy,” one of them read. It’s so funny and we cannot stop laughing at how on point this comment is. In case you are curious, we have already tried out this hack in our own kitchens.


Accidentally discovered something not sure if this is a thing already #LetsFaceIt #IAmLost

♬ original sound – mitchflippo1

What kind of reporters would we be if we were not willing to take the plunge ourselves? For best results, you’ll need a flour tortilla that is the same size as the tacos that you can purchase on the street. The larger tortillas are simply not going to fit into the toaster as well. Don’t rip the tortillas to make them fit or you are going to have struggles.

Those who prefer a crispy tortilla are going to be happy with this hack and it is our pleasure to pass this pointer along.

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