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If you have spent any time on TikTok lately, you have probably noticed a certain trend that has taken hold on there.

People are squeezing out their toothpaste, mixing it with mouthwash, and storing it in a clear soap pump container.

Photo: TikTok/@dr.m_

While we’re not sure why anyone would choose to do this (more work, and for what, exactly?), it seems to be catching on, and a dentist has stepped in to shed some light on the trend.

In the words of dentist Suhail Mohiuddin (TikTok user @dr.m_): “Don’t do this.”


He did a response video to the hack and he says it’s not a good idea to remove your toothpaste from its tube.

“The ingredients of toothpaste aren’t UV stable so exposing them to light can make them ineffective,” he explained.

Photo: Max Pixel

Beyond that, it’s never a good idea to mix toothpaste and mouthwash. Always read and follow the instructions on your dental products!

The more you know.


Clever! Bur should you try this?? #dentist

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