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This Santa Rosa, California restaurant was recently saved when TikTok decided to come together and help them out.

It all started when Jennifer Le posted a sad clip on her TikTok page.

Photo: TikTok/@jennif3rle

She showed her father, who was sitting at the counter with no facial expression. It was another very slow day and they were not getting any customers to speak of.

“It makes me so sad to see my parents wait for customers to walk through the door to eat at their Vietnamese restaurant,” she said in the video. We definitely share her sadness. It always hurts to see local businesses struggling. “My parents haven’t been having that many customers and been feeling stressed dealing with financial issues,” she continued.

Photo: TikTok/@jennif3rle

In fact, they had started closing earlier each night, so that they could save on utility costs. After all, gas and electricity is not cheap, and without any customers, they would have no choice but to close down for good eventually.

Little did Jennifer know that her short clip would end up changing her parents’ lives forever. Lee’s Noodle House in Santa Rosa, California would soon be visited by droves of people who were looking to try out the food.

Photo: TikTok/@jennif3rle

“There are so many phone calls, that when you pick up the phone, it’s still ringing on the other side,” Jennifer said, according to KRON4.

There have been so many customers, her parents are now struggling to keep up with the demand. They are now putting in 12-hour days and have even started to run low on various ingredients.


tiktok do your thing & help support my parents Vietnamese restaurant:( my parents haven’t been having that many customers & been feeling stressed dealing with financial issues. if you want to check it out, they make delicious vietnamese food:) 1010 Hopper Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95403 #fyp #vietnamesefood #restaurant

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Replying to @michellekostick thank you guys for all the support & love to my parent’s restaurant! we welcome you all anytime and check out our instagram: @leesnoodlehouse for delicious food photos 🙂 #santarosa #bayareafoodies #vietnamesefood #california #leesnoodlehouse #noodles #pho #fyp

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Jennifer’s follow-up video is a happy one, of course. “The comment section has brought my parents and I to tears. We are so grateful for all the support, and for everyone who is coming out,” she says. We love to see stories like these and they are a testament to the awesome power that the internet can wield. “My dad is so happy, so grateful,” she continued.

This restaurant looks amazing and we are glad to see that people have finally been given the push that they need to give it a try.