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Plastic Tupperware is a staple in many kitchens, but it tends to end up stained pretty quickly. Of course, we are not coming for the Tupperware brand specifically. It does not matter what brand you prefer, stained plastic food storage is a problem that we are all forced to experience at some point during our lives.

Any item of this nature that is used to store food is going to be stained sometimes. Tomato-based leftovers are the biggest culprits of these stains and the reddish stain and greasy film that is left behind won’t go away, no matter how hard we try. Thankfully, TikTok user @adikempler has the best solution for anyone who is hoping to avoid the forever stains that keep so many of us from being able to enjoy our Tupperware.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Those annoying red stains can finally be removed from the containers once and for all. The best part of all is that you can get rid of them with items that are readily available in most homes.

When the video begins, you can see the inside of her plastic container, and note just how filthy it is. Using just dish soap and water, she’s able to transform the Tupperware to look like new!

Photo: TikTok/adikempler

Before she gets started, she makes sure that the water is as warm as possible.

Once the warm water and dish soap are added to the Tupperware, some paper towels are also needed. To the best of our knowledge, every possible type of paper towel will work just fine. This is a step that cannot be skipped under any circumstances. As soon as the paper towel has been set inside, close the lid of the container very well and prepare to use some elbow grease.

Photo: TikTok/adikempler

You’re going to have to shake it vigorously for at least 45 seconds. That’s truly all it takes. Within one minute’s time, the stains that you could not get rid of are a thing of the past.

If you would like to see the hack for yourself, please be sure to check out her awesome video below:


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