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Trends tend to come and go but every once in a while, they recirculate and become popular again. Looking back a few years, you might remember people cooking tiny food with edible ingredients. It was quite popular at the time, and now it’s popular again, thanks to TikTok.

More than likely, you are familiar with the “TikTok For You Page” and just how much time it can waste in your day. You tend to scroll from one video to the next and before you know it, hours have passed by. Every once in a while, however, something may grab your attention and that is likely to be these tiny food videos.

@foodcreator6 is one of the creators of these foods. So far, they only have five videos but more than 50,000 people are following. It seems as if people are into small things.


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Watching these miniature food items being prepared is sure to capture your attention. Not only is it almost going to hypnotize you, it’s impressive when you see what people are able to do.

Some of the different videos that @Foodcreator6 has created so far include beef Wellington, steak, braised pork, and pork buns. They use miniature ingredients and miniature kitchen tools that work just like their larger cousins. The stoves that cook these miniature foods are sometimes heated with a tea light, but in the case of beef Wellington, you can see a little food processor at work.

The first time these videos hit the Internet was in 2016. You can see the trend stretching back into Japan, involving kawaii, or “cuteness.” As it turns out, people have a love of these tiny things and it tends to make them feel as if all is right in the world.

I guess we could all use some of that these days.

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