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When it comes to dating apps, they can be a lot of fun. But, they’re also full of a lot of liars. Particularly, men are known to exaggerate their height. One genius TikTok user @gadelhaha had had enough and used beer bottles and photo editing to fact check one Tinder man’s height!


hi i’m dani and i’ll find out your height no matter the cost 🙂 #catchmeoutside #fyp #tinder corona #howto #obsessedwithit #skillbuilding #swipelife

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She opened the photo editing app, added the screenshot of the man in question, and replicated the beer bottles. Since each bottle is 9.5 inches long, it did not take very much effort to determine the man’s real height. He’s only 5’11”! The man even saw the photo and admitted that the woman got his height 100 percent correct.

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Out here in #Atlanta by the rooftop pool making matches with @tinder and gearing up for the competition! #SwipeRight #CampusDJ

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It’s an interesting glimpse into the mindset of men everywhere. The comments have us rolling on the ground laughing. Albert Einstein is probably rolling in his grave! Short king season has not arrived yet but one day all of the sub 6 footers will have their chance to shine. Another TikTok user is even willing to provide you with some helpful math equations to assist you with the process.


if you ever get tired of using the bottle height hack. @gadelhaha #fyp #math #height

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TikTok user @niccoya provided an even easier hack and her post is everything. This trick is only going to work if you have an object that you already know the height for. Otherwise, it is going to be a losing battle.

The height fabricators out there better be running scared. Photo editing apps are changing the game and keeping men from being able to fudge their height. We are not sure what they think they are going to gain from this behavior. After all, she is going to find out the truth by the time you meet up with her in person!

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