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The Tiger King documentary that just premiered on Netflix has given many of us a glimpse into the life and times of Joe Exotic. This Oklahoma man has some unorthodox views that we do not necessarily agree with. However, he is a man unlike any other. He loves his big cats and he has a relationship with his wife that few of us would be able to replicate.

Can you believe that Joe Exotic even ran for president? We are not going to say that we would have voted for him, but this had to be a campaign for the ages. His future may not be certain at the moment but now you are able to create your very own replica of this amazing man. You now have your chance to craft a crochet doll of the one and only Joe Exotic!

Photo: Etsy/craftyiscoolcrochet

Allison Hoffman released the pattern on her Etsy shop. Best of all? This crochet doll is available for a very low price, and you can take home the pattern for just $7 USD. The pattern also provides you with all of the necessary guidance when it comes time to create your doll.

These dolls are also known as amigurumi, and there is even a baby tiger that accompanies him. Allison has certainly thought of everything, hasn’t she? The eyebrow ring, the mullet, the knee brace…it’s all there. We cannot get over the level of detail that she has put into this pattern. 21 pages of instructions are included so that there are no mistakes being made during the creative process.

Photo: Etsy/craftyiscoolcrochet

57 photos are also available. Allison is looking to eliminate any and all confusion that might take place. We are grateful to her for providing us with a fun activity to pass the time.

Crocheting is a great activity during these trying times, and scientific studies show that it is proven to make us much happier and calmer. Before we leave you to it, be sure to note that the materials are not going to be included and the pattern is all that is being purchased.