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More than likely, you have a few favorite cookbooks that you pull out on occasion to search for a favorite recipe. You will probably find them in the cupboard above your microwave oven.

We now have another to add to that collection, an unofficial cookbook from Lauren Randolph.

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If you happen to be a fan of The Simpsons, then you realize that they have cooked a number of memorable foods since they got their start in 1987.

Some that you may remember include Krusty Burgers, Squishees from the Kwik-E-Mart, and Marge’s own Happy Cracker Snack Platter. Up until now, they have only been delicacies seen in the cartoon but now you can re-create those treats at home.

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A look inside of this unofficial cookbook shows you just how many meals there were to re-create.

What will be the first one you try? Could it be Lisa’s Chocolate Cherry Experiment? Maybe Bart’s America Balls will be more to your liking. You can even try some of the Forbidden Doughnuts.

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Along with all of the iconic food, you also see the addition of an alcoholic beverage, the Flaming Moe cocktail.

Mix together the correct proportions of cranberry juice, lime juice, vodka, and rum, and you will be enjoying it for yourself.

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The cookbook is set to be released on September 16 and will include more than 70 recipes. You can find it at Simon & Schuster for $21.99.

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