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There have been many shows that have influenced us over the years, but none have quite been on the level of The Office. Not only is it popular for Internet memes, but it is also one of the most quotable sitcoms in existence.

Perhaps that is why it doesn’t surprise us that there is a pop-up bar that celebrates the show. It is found in Chicago, at Replay Linkin Park, an arcade bar that is known for theming itself after various shows, from Harry Potter to Stranger Things.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

If you happen to be a fan of The Office, then you will really appreciate everything that this pop-up bar has to offer. The cocktails are themed after the show, and you will find plenty of props throughout the establishment that put you in mind of the Dunder Mifflin.

Some of the drinks that are worth a try include, “That’s What She Said,” “Pretzel Day,” and “Threat Level Midnight.” You can even grab a “Florida Stanley” if you are interested in more of a tropical drink.

Photo: flickr/Mike Essl

There are also various areas inside of the bar that are themed after parts of the show, including the Michael Scott Paper Company, Schrute Farms, a Regular Office, and a Miniature Chilis.

Time Out recommends you get reservations before you go because they are maintaining social distancing and regulating capacity.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

For $20, you will get a ticket that gets you into the bar and gets you $20 worth of drink credit along with free arcade games. If you are interested in going, make sure you book your ticket before May 30, 2021.