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We’ve all played “the floor is lava” at some point in our lives. It’s a silly game that’s just to pass the time. But then Netflix went and took it to a whole other level with their reality competition series, “The Floor Is Lava.” The streaming service’s new show became a binge-able hit, with a lot of people wondering how it was done. With the release of a behind-the-scenes video, you might just get your answers.

If you watch the video, you’ll learn some interesting facts about the production process – like the fact that the production team for the show rented out a building space that used to be a former IKEA. The actual construction of the obstacle courses and building sets took them six weeks to make – this included everything from design to actual creation. Then they were all tested for safety and to make sure they were Lava-proof. Following that, the production team went on to construct a large pool in the parking lot where they could test out some of the obstacle course designs in water.

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The production team was pretty inclusive in their course challenges. While the show makes it look like an intense physical challenge, the team actually constructed everything with people of all skill levels in mind. The only difference is the obstacle route you choose. Most of the easy routes were made a little tougher to spot, which is why the difficult ones appeared to be more accessible to the players on the show.

Of course, safety was still the utmost importance, as everything was designed with safety in mind. In addition, there were first-aid crews on-site at all times throughout the production. While people might have gotten smacked in the face with different objects throughout the course, no one was seriously injured during filming.

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Perhaps the biggest question that everyone had about the TV show was regarding the lava. What was that? Well, it’s definitely not real lava. Instead, it’s a red, viscous liquid that was created by the same studio that did the saliva for Alien and ectoplasm for Ghostbusters. The liquid itself was a bright reddish-orange liquid, but with a few tricks of the light, it had that classic lava look. And the set designers employed a variety of tricks and tools in order to get the liquid to bubble and splash up like it’s the real deal. The coolness of the lava is probably one of the reasons that we enjoyed watching it so much.

Check out the video below for more secrets from behind-the-scenes:

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