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Even if you spend all of the time in the world planning your wedding, there are still certain details that can be lost in translation.

It’s a frustrating reality but sometimes, there is nothing more that can be done. Fortunately, the bride in this story has decided that she’s not going to be a Bridezilla about this mix up. She took it in stride and was able to laugh it off.

Photo: TikTok/@taylorhunt_

“I got married last week and it was perfect it all went great, except for this one thing,” said Taylor Hunt in a TikTok video that has since gone viral. “This is the cake we ordered, she’s gorg. The (bakers) were like ‘yep, easy.'” However, that is not the cake that she ended up with. All that they wanted was a very simple buttercream cake.

It was supposed to have the word “amore” written across the side as well. What they ended up with was something quite different.

Photo: TikTok/@taylorhunt

“So no one actually checked the cake before it was cake time, and we didn’t have an official cake-cutting moment…thank God! Because this is the cake we got,” she says. “Like, what is that?” she inquired, through her giggles.

The cake that they got was naked, lopsided and did not even have the right wording on it. The words “my darling” had been written on a chocolate disc, which was also broken.

Photo: TikTok/@taylorhunt_

“The funniest part is that my mum was in charge of the cake and she got on the phone right away and text the baker a picture and was like, ‘did we get the wrong cake?'” Taylor continued.

In case you are curious, they did not receive a refund but they did get a discount. The baker’s explanation for what took place is hysterical as well. “It was the right cake, they just ‘missed some details,'” says Taylor.


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“Missed every single detail more like, I mean technically it is cake but that’s about it,” joked one viewer. “That literally makes no sense whatsoever…in what realm is that even remotely close? They definitely didn’t finish it, that has to be what happened,” said another viewer.

Meanwhile, the following take on this cake is one that we agree with the most. “A discount?! As a bakery business owner that’d be a full refund and sobbing apology,” another viewer chimed in. Kudos to Taylor for being such a good sport about this whole thing.