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Gardening is one of those unique pastimes that people around the world appreciate doing. This includes some who may have mobility issues, and perhaps they have avoided gardening for that reason. It is now easier for those in wheelchairs to take advantage of the benefits of gardening, thanks to La Valise, and their unique TERRAform design.

It took the collective minds of various artists and architects to come up with the design, and they didn’t come up with it immediately. In fact, it started in 2004 when the collective met with the Mauves Allotment Society. After the meeting, they realized just how important it was for those with mobility issues and physical limitations to take advantage of the gardening community.

TERRAform is still a work in progress, but even in the experimental stage, it shows how much can be accomplished when people work together. The collective worked within the collaboration, as well as getting feedback from the field and those who would be using the design.

Since the TERRAform pod is made from recycled polyethylene and is food safe and UV treated, it can be used for the growth of food without concern. It is also something that can be molded so wheelchairs can fit into the area. A pen with three sides is built around the pod to create a garden that is just the right height for those in wheelchairs. They can plant, weed, and harvest easily.

At this time, TERRAform pods are not being mass-produced but there are 100 of them being tested in the field in France.

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According to the collective, gardening connects people socially. This is a problem that many who have mobility issues are lacking, but the TERRAform raised bed can be used to help with the “segregation” that exists now for those with disabilities and for the elderly.

As additional modifications are added to the TERRAform system, you will see that irrigation systems, additional storage, and more convenience will become available. People around the world are looking for the opportunity to put these to use, although they are not yet available in the United States. Hopefully, the company will be able to make it possible in the future. Until then, you can visit their website and sign up for their newsletter.

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