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There is always something interesting to watch on TikTok. The viral platform has grown far beyond the dance videos that made it so popular and now has some good life advice if you dig deep enough.

One of the more interesting videos to appear in recent times came from a teacher, Alice Bowier. She posted a video on TikTok, claiming that she hatched eggs she bought at the store.

Photo: TikTok/@aliceintkland

She asked: “Did you know you could hatch eggs from Trader Joe’s? I bought these fertile eggs to test it out.”

Bowier was incubating eggs for her students. Some eggs were fertile eggs from the farm but the others were marked “TJ,” so she knew they came from Trader Joe’s.

Photo: TikTok/@aliceintkland

After waiting 21 days, three fluffy yellow chickies came out of the Trader Joe’s eggs. Only about one-third of the eggs hatched according to her, but she did consider the experiment to be a success.

Bowier is not sure how long they were refrigerated or what happened during the transport of the eggs from the farm to the store.

Photo: TikTok/@aliceintkland

The process was covered with video, from labeling the eggs and putting them in the incubator until the time they hatched. According to the video, they are the same eggs.

When she asked her audience if they believed the eggs (and chicks) came from a carton, there was a mixed reaction. Some felt she was lying and others were disgusted.


Replying to @schaferin yes! You CAN hatch fertile eggs frim Trader Joes! Sorry I forgot to update 😂 #hatchingeggs #traderjoesfertileggs #chicksintheclassroom #kindergarten #hatching

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She also came back to defend herself after people doubted her honesty.

She continues to claim that she did hatch the egg from Trader Joe’s and that it is to be expected, since they were specifically sold as fertilized eggs.

People on various threads, including Backyard Chickens, have said they’ve hatched Trader Joe’s fertile eggs before with varying levels of success. It seems that it can be done after all!