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There has been a struggle that often does not get much attention when a child needs to use a wheelchair. It is the lack of Halloween costumes that are commercially available. Although that may be true, parents have done a fantastic job of crafting those costumes and making them awesome.

Target is now getting involved by offering parents and children who have a need for adaptive costumes a line that is designed to help those with sensory needs or who are confined to a wheelchair. Many options are available, including princesses, dragons, mermaids, and more.

The Princess Carriage Costume

You will pay $20 for the costume and $35 for the wheelchair decorations but the end result is fantastic. Included in the decoration kit are wheel covers, side covers, and a crown.

Photo: Target

Robot Halloween Costume

Target is also offering an adaptive robot costume for $30. It’s wheelchair friendly, although matching accessories are not available.

Included in the costume are pants, a longsleeved top, and a helmet. Easy dressing is possible thanks to openings in the back.

Photo: Target

Pirate Ship Halloween Costume

The pirate ship Halloween costume wheelchair set is available at Target for $35. Included in the kit are a black Jolly Roger flag, decorative colors, and some interesting detailing.

A pirate costume is not included, but Target has one for $25.

Photo: Target

Mermaid Halloween Costume

Target is also offering an adaptive mermaid costume and wheelchair covers. You will pay $35 for the wheelchair kit and an additional $30 for the dress.

If you want to save some money and take your creativity for a spin, you could always buy the wheelchair kit and make your own costume.

Photo: Target