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Subway is a place where we go to eat “fresh,” but did you know that there are other ways to enjoy this world-famous sub shop?

One couple managed to find love at Subway, which is not a story that you would expect to hear every day. While there are some couples who might try to avoid bringing this up, they are embracing every aspect of this amazing love story.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

We are loving every minute of this. This love story began back in December 2017, when two strangers named Julie Bushart and Zack Williams had a fateful meeting at the Subway in question. They have told the story on their wedding website and it is well worth a read. The short version is that Julie’s mother took notice of a handsome stranger and gave her daughter a meaningful nudge.

He was on his lunch break at the time. Once they were all sitting down eating their food, Julie’s mother turned up the heat. She kept encouraging her daughter to get Zack’s number. At this point, the story takes a hilarious turn that is sure to give all of the shy readers out there some much-needed hope.


Julie wrote on the website: “My mom says to me, ‘You’re giving him your number!’ Anybody who knows me, knows I’m WAY too shy for that. So I said, ‘YOU go give him my number.”

Her mother wasted no time passing Zack a receipt that had her daughter’s phone number on it and the rest was history. He called to set up a first date within 30 minutes.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The couple fell in love soon after and by the time fall 2020 rolled around, Zack was ready to propose. When he reached out to Subway to tell them the story, he was stunned by their level of generosity.

The guests at their recent wedding got to enjoy free late-night sandwiches and the couple was gifted with an incredible photoshoot:

Photo: YouTube/WTOL11
Photo: YouTube/WTOL11
Photo: YouTube/WTOL11

This gave the couple the chance to commemorate their special occasion in the same location where it all began. If we had to guess, Subway is going to be the location where they are having all of their anniversary dinners during the years to come. After all, they have already established such an excellent tradition.

Watch the video below to see all of their Subway photos:

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