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Subway is a fast-food chain that is unlike many others since it openly prepares your food right in front of you.

Moreover, the restaurant chain also customizes orders, so no two sandwiches are ever really the same. Anyone who has been to Subway, knows that there are a number of fresh ingredients right in front of them to choose from. But while Subway might claim to be fresh food, how fresh are they really?

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Many might wonder if the vegetables are brought in fresh every day chopped up there like Chipotle does, or if they come already prepared and are frozen.

To solve the mystery is one former Subway employee who worked there for roughly 3 years. The TikToker decided to spill all the secrets in a series of videos – one of which focuses on the way the chain’s vegetables are prepared.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The video has a visual explanation of how everything works. It shows that the vegetables arrive at the Subway, fresh and intact. They are then stored in the refrigerator in their boxes. The boxes themselves are full of whole tomatoes and whole bell peppers, as well as avocados. That means that they are washed and sliced fresh by the employees.

In fact, very few of the vegetables arrive at Subway already prepared, with the exception being the lettuce. This already comes in a bag pre-chopped. All that needs to be done is for the employees to open up the bag and place it into the bins for the day. Other items, such as the jalapeños, banana peppers, and the olive slices, also already come in pre-packed bags.

Photo: Max Pixel

While the veggies put out by Subway might be fresher than we expected, the meat is a little more processed. The same former Subway employee shared a different video which explained how the meat arrives already prepared inside bags.

Their chicken meat just needs to be mixed with whichever intended sauce, and the meatballs then get placed inside some marinara sauce. As for the cow steak, that comes in a block which employees then shred. Even though the animal protein might not be as fresh as we’d like to believe, that still didn’t stop some TikTok viewers from expressing their surprise at how fresh the vegetables are.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

One person wrote in the comments, “yess being vegetarian pays off again… I’m glad they’re fresh veggies.”

While someone else expressed, “So veggie sub is a good choice!”

Watch the video below:


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