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When this Illinois family decided to show off their Halloween decorations, they never could have expected what would end up happening next.

This decor is sure to terrify, and fans of the Stranger Things series are going to be in heaven. This Max levitates ten feet off of the ground, just like the one from the show. If we had to guess, this doll is not being controlled by Vecna.

Photo: TikTok/@horrorprops

The best part of all, in our humble opinion, is the fact that the family is refusing to share their secrets. They do not want anyone to know how they pulled this off. They are willing to rule out a few different possibilities but they are not spilling the beans any further. We love to see it and we hope that this family holds the line on this one.

“It’s not drones, it’s not helium or balloons,” homeowner Dave Appel said according to the Franklin News Post. “We just felt like it was more fun to keep it under wraps.” We agree with him 100 percent. However, we do hope that they are willing to confirm if someone is able to actually guess the correct method for how they pulled this off.

Photo: TikTok/@horrorprops

There are certain moments in life where it is nice to allow the element of mystery to flourish. We love social media and we are not advocating for anyone to get rid of it. That does not mean that we need to know every little detail about everything. Sometimes, it is in your best interests to keep people guessing and that’s where we stand on this one.

If the secret does end up being revealed, we will be more than happy to pass it along. If we had to judge from this father’s reaction, though? This is not something that we would advise to hold your breath waiting for it.

Photo: TikTok/@horrorprops

Try your best to stay strong, Dave! Don’t let them break your spirit, okay?

Now that the bar has been set, we get to see if there is anyone out there who is willing to top it. Halloween decor gets downright competitive, especially in certain neighborhoods where everyone is fully possessed by the spirit of the season.


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♬ Cornfield Chase – Hans Zimmer

Spooky season is upon us and it is time to see who will have the best decorations. Dave and his family are certainly the early leaders in the clubhouse, that is for sure.

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